Delta Robots / Scara Robot

    Delta Robot I

  Delta Robot and   RobLAB control program was designed to functional model of an industrial robot, which was kinematic chain. Delta I robot is triple-headed, so it can be interchangeably called a tripod.

The constructions are characterized by very high dynamics of work. As a result, Almost robots of this design are displacing the Puma robots in the handling industry in the handling applications, typical multi-articulated arms.

Typically the robot is equipped with a vacuum gripper. At customer’s request, we can supply a two-strut or two-strut gripper with additional servo to achieve additional rotation in the gripper axis.

To control our tripod, we used a RobTRAIN robot controller.

In addition to the ability to control the robot itself, we also have the interface of digital input / output and analog inputs, and the possibility of connecting servo or DC motors with encoder. This allows you to work with additional sensors, actuators, or PLCs.

     Delta 7                


Specification of Delta robot I and controller
robot arm:
  • body and arms mounted axially on rolling bearings cut from HPL;
  • aluminum base construction;
  • exchangeable vacuum gripper as standard;
  • optionally possible to mount an electro-magnetic, double-beam or laser grip of up to 0.5W;
  • axle drive realized by servo motors;
robot controller:
  • power supply: 24V DC;
  • 8 x digital or analog inputs: range 0..30V digit 0-10V analog;
  • 8 x digital outputs: max current per channel 300mA;
  • 2 x outputs for DC motors: 24V power supply current for motor 2A;
  • 2 x encoder inputs: TTL signal;
  • 2 x 0-10V analog outputs (option available only on 3rd generation controller);
  • control of Dynamixel Ax12 model servomotors;
  • 8 x output for stepper motors: max current per motor up to 3A option marked at the order stage (only available on 3rd generation controller);
 communication interface: 
  • USB (virtual serial port);
  • RS-485 two wire;
  • WiFi (optional)   

kit set:

  • Delta robot I;
  • Robot controller II or III generation;
  • RobLAB software;
  • Palette for details;
  • Set of details;
  • Power Supply