Industrial Controller Robot

RobLAB Program

RobLAB programing platform is an award winning didactic aid designed to help learning the principles of the industrial robotics – the construction of the typical industrial robotic arms (Puma, Delta, Scara, Cartesians), the characteristics of  the  movements  specific  to a certain construction and the programming of the industrial robots.The program enables the user to fully configure the robotic arm with up-to 8 degrees of freedom DOF constructions. It can operate not just one, but all typical robot configurations like Puma, Scara, Duopod, Tripod and Cartesians  with  variations of parameters and shapes.

It also enables the user to program the robot in several methods – used in the industry for years like the Melfa Basic language (an industrial standard programming language of Mitsubishi robots), as well as or G-Code programming .RoblAB has implemented both forward and reverse kinematics to enable programming not only by positioning joints, but also by Cartesian coordinates of endpoint for all typical constructions of up-to-six-joints.

There are several options of working with the RobLAB – the beginner can start from the opening of the prepared examples to play with them and analyze. When more experienced, one can design his own robot- even the craziest constructions can be simulated to visualize the dependencies between the shape of the robot and its abilities.


               RobLAB with Robtrain 1 Robot                 RobLAB with 3D printer Robot                                                           


         RobLAB with 3Dprint Robot                       RobLAB with Misubishi Robot


         RobLAB with Scara  Robot                            RobLAB with Delta Robot