Mobile Robot

Mobile Robot

The VersaBOT mobile robot laboratory is a versatile mobile platform of compact design, high maneuverability and capacity once equipped with a modern BLDC drive.

The platform has a 2×3 differential drive system (two drive wheels plus an additional drive wheel) and a powerful 24V rated power supply. 
The VersaBOT control system has a layered structure consisting of low-level drivers for the drive, sensory, and on-board computers, equipped with WiFi and a touch screen. 
It is possible to directly remote control the robot from the external computer by the radio module.

VersaBOT technical specifications:

  • Mobile base weight: 20kg
  • Dimensions: 500x600x250mm
  • Load capacity: 60kg
  • Max speed: up to 1.0m / s
  • Working time: 4h
  • Charging time: 8h
  • Batteries: 2x7Ah
  • Driver: ROS (hydro, catkin)


  • SICK TIM3 / 5xx laser scanner
  • SICK LMS111 laser scanner
  • Hokuyo URG laser scanner
  • 3D Sensor Primesense / Asus XTION
  • FHD USB camera
  • Laptop control with Linux
  • ROS software
  • 2.4GHz RC PAD
  • Inductors (line follow)
  • Docking Station
  • Warning light + sound signal

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