Robot RobTRAIN 1

Robot RobTRAIN and with the application RobLAB is a functional model of the industrial robot of five degrees of freedom. Faithfully reproduces the behavior of typical robots, making it an excellent tool to support learning in the field of robotics theory and practical applications of robots. The aluminum construction gives it strength and stiffness and allows for the realization of the displacement trajectories.
Robotic equipment with appropriate gripper, Digital input / output port and analog inputs and the possibility of connecting additional servos and DC motors with encoder , allows communication with additional devices. These include sensors, actuators, PLCs, and complex mechanisms, such as rotary tables, linear feeders.
It is possible to extend the robotic industry model RobTRAIN I ,Operator terminal,Additional axle,Rotary table,Linear feeder,CIM modules
robot arm:
  • 5 degrees of freedom, structure {CR, BR1, BR2, BL, AL};
  • rigid aluminum construction;
  • removable gripper;
  • Possible installation of electromagnetic, pneumatic or vacuum gripper ;
  • axle drive realized by servo motors;
robot controller:
  • power supply: 24V DC;
  • 8 x digital or analog inputs: range 0..30V digit 0-10V analog;
  • 8 x digital outputs: max current per channel 300mA;
  • 2 x outputs for DC motors: 24V power supply current for motor 2A;
  • 2 x encoder inputs: TTL signal;
  • 2 x 0-10V analog outputs (option available only on 3rd generation controller);
  • control of Dynamixel Ax12 model servomotors;
  • 8 x output for stepper motors: max current per motor up to 3A option marked at the order stage (only available on 3rd generation controller);
communication interface: 
  • USB (virtual serial port);
  • RS-485 two wire;
  • WiFi (optional)   

kit set:

  • RobTRAIN II robot;
  • Robot controller II;
  • RobLAB software;
  • Palette for details;
  • Set of details;
  • Power Supply