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    Lynxmotion Crazy2Fly Drone


     The Crazy2Fly
The Crazy2Fly multi-rotor UAV is a smaller, high performance quadcopter. The Crazy2Fly can be flown in either ‘+’ or ‘x’ configurations. The Crazy2Fly is smaller than the VTail and considerably easier to understand and fly. Don’t let its simplicity and low cost fool you though – the Crazy2Fly lives by its name, and is capable of high speed aerial acrobatics and is a thrill to fly.

The Mechanics
The frame of the Crazy2Fly uses G10 fiberglass composite which is incredibly rigid and lightweight and offers significant price advantages over carbon fibre. The hardware is entirely metal, using lightweight aluminium standoffs, steel screws and lock nuts.

See specifications below for more information.

The Crazy2Fly design can use most standard UAV controllers. The controller’s function is to stabilize the aircraft using onboard sensors (usually a multi-axis accelerometer and/or gyroscope). In addition to the main controller, each motor needs an electronic speed controller (ECS) ideally designed for the very fast response time needed by performance multi-rotor aircraft.

  • Controller: FLIP (Multi-Wii compatible flight controller). This is one of the least expensive flight controllers on the market and uses the Arduino programming language. Onboard is an ATMega328 chip, a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyro. All pins are pre-soldered. 
  • Alternately you can incorporate your own controller which uses a standard 30mm x 30mm or 45mm x 45mm mounting hole pattern (and includes compatibility for VTail designs)
  • Small scale, robust quadcopter
  • Class: 340mm
  • G10 construction
  • Includes motors, ESC, flight controller
  • Requires: battery, charger and remote control
  • All G10 (Fiberglass) frame parts to build a Crazy2Fly frame
  • Complete Hardware Bag
  • 1x Lynxmotion Battery Velcro Strap
  • 4x 28x30mm 1000kv Brushless DC Motors
  •  4x 12A Brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
  •  2x Pair of 8×4.5 Clockwise Propellers
  •  2x Pair of 8×4.5 Counter Clockwise Propellers
  •  1x Power Wiring Harness
  •  1x Receiver to Flight Controller Wiring Harness


    Lynxmotion Rover 2WD Robot





     2WD Servo Robot
This kit can only be made as part of the Lynxmotion SES V1.1 kit and is not available separately.

The Lynxmotion Aluminum 2WD Servo Robot Kit is a robust, modifiable, and expandable chassis for your RC or autonomous robot experimentation. By utilizing plastic wheels with rubber rim, robot has excellent traction. Using our small 6V NiMH battery pack and the BotBoarduino means there is plenty of room for additional sensors and electronics.

The Mechanics
The main robot chassis is made using Servo Erector Set modular brackets while the electronic carrier is made out of ultra-tough laser-cut Lexan. It includes two Hitec 1425CR continuous rotation servo motors and our 2.63″ wheels.

Controlling the Robot
This version of the robot uses our Botboarduino, and comes as a bare-bones kit. You can control the basic robot via USB cable, or purchase the optional RC-01 V2 PS2 controller kit and PS2 Receiver Carrier to convert it into a remote controlled vehicle. Alternatively, you can add sensors to make it autonomous, or arduino Shields to further increase the functionality and capability.

  • Servo motion control = open loop, speed control
  • Steering = 2WD skid / tank
  • Number of wheels = 2x driven, 1x idler (tail wheel)
  • Motion speed =
  • Height (overall, as in product view with BotBoarduino) = 4.5″
  • Width = 6.625″
  • Length = 7″
  • Weight (w/out batteries) = 314g / 11oz
  • Ground clearance = 0.50″

Lynxmotion Crazy Fly Drone

Lynxmotion Rover 2WD